Le Coquin


Le Coquin (the Brìbon), with its fruity nuances of strawberries, plums and spicy notes, offers a light and pleasant adventure for the night. But beware, appearances deceive, you smell with body. and generosity promise much more than a passing whim.

Specification :

Grape :

Year :

Optimal temperature :
AC. 18- 20 ° C

Vinification :
Grapes harvested by hand. Prefermentative maceration for 3 days. Fermentation tank of stainless steel at controlled temperature. Reassembly at the beginning and middle of the fermentation for a better wine structure.

Parenting :
Nine months of aging in a stainless steel tank with relevant extractions to reveal all the fruit.

Food and wine :
Serve with tapas and skewers, lamb chops with grilled rosemary, baked potatoes and ratatouille.

Analytical Perfol :

Alcohol :
13.5% vol
Sugar :
1.2 g / l
Acidity :
4.8 g / l