Le Libertin


Free of all rules, this white sauvignon behaves like a real libertine, who wants to be free of morals and of the mind, will surprise you when you do not wait for him. Its aromas of lychee, fresh hay and combine with citrus, tangerine and green apple.


Grape :
Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage :

Optimal temperature :
10 ° -12 ° C

Parenting :
Fermented in stainless steel tanks with control of fermentation temperatures, growned on fine lees until its early bottling to preserve all flavors of the grapes

Food and wine :
Very comfortable with white meat. This sauvignon blends with light and marinated meats like chicken or Asian food. It goes beautifully with seafood and fish. And just for the pleasure, will be a successful


Alcohol :
12% vol
Sugar :
1.3 g / l
Acidity :
4.5 g / l


Vineyard in sustainable agriculture.